Welcome to Roof Iowa!

We’re so honored that you have taken your time to check us out on our new webpage!


We hope to make your experience with us easy, educational and relational.

Just shortly we’ll be adding pages of information to educate you on how to proceed with your project (be it for your home, your business, your rental property, your home association) as well as tips on maintaining your property.  And we post fun stuff too.  Not just boring techy stuff.

Need to know how to file a claim with your insurance agent when Iowa storms roll through?  We’ll have a page for that and help you through that too.

Need to know the condition of your roof exterior so you can budget or plan for a new roof installation?  We’ll give you a FREE inspection and help you plan that new roof with ZERO pressure.  We want you to be comfortable and educated on the choices you’re making because we respect your hard earned dollars!

Although, our job is to give you the best service, quality work and at an honest price, we also seek out to reach out to those in our community.  We’ll have pages of charity, volunteering and other opportunities that we’ll be taking part in to help others.


So thank you for your patience with us as we get our site up and running!  We’re so excited to be here for you, Iowa!


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