Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming Storm Season

It was a rough winter in Iowa!  Phew! But anyone who has lived in Iowa knows that Spring brings a new weather worry.  Although damaging storms can happen at any time, between April and June are the prime times for hailstorms and tornados especially in the Midwest.  Here are some general tips we’d like to share with our customers and community before a storm hits:


  1. Know your insurance policy. Understand what is covered in the event of a storm and the deductible amounts. Roof Iowa cannot change or determine what is in your policy, nor can we act as an adjuster on your property. We can use building codes and manufacturer installation codes to make sure that everything we use on the home is paid for as long as those items are in your policy. 
  2. Clean out your gutters. Remove debris and make sure nothing is clogging the path and that water can run down gutters freely.
  3. Check your roof! But of course that tip is in the list. Make sure all shingles are properly nailed down.  Have Roof Iowa do a roof inspection to spot damage before it could grow worse in a storm.
  4. Trim your trees.  Nothing is worse than having a tree fall down on a roof.  Having a tree too close to the house can cause some major damage (we’ve seen some bad cases) – Keep trees trimmed and maintained.
  5. Maintain your property. Keep flying debris to a minimum by making sure your property doesn’t have anything that can propel and damage the house or roof.
  6. Secure heavy furniture and other items around your house.  Before a storm, it’s best to tie down or move patio furniture to storage to keep them from flying and hurting the house or worse.
  7. Install impact resistant shingles when you do replace your roof like the high quality GAF Timberline® ArmorShield™ II. These shingles both pass UL 2218 Class 4 rating impact tests (the highest possible). Installing this type of shingle also helps save you money on your insurance premiums.
  8. Prepare a list of high quality contractors in your area. For roofing and any other home need. Many out of state contractors blow into town with the storm knocking on doors and demanding that you must make a claim with your insurance company for damage. Many of these “stormers” have high pressure sales tactics, use poor quality materials and labor is whomever they can find to do it for the cheapest.  We always say to support the most reputable, established local companies in the area – the ones that will do quality work with the best materials and be able to warranty the home. It is also probably the safest choice.
  9. Put together an emergency kit for your home and car.  Include water, non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, blanket, first aid kid, cell phone and copies of important documents.
  10. This is a no brainer – Keep informed about the weather and have a safety plan for your family.  Iowa had 24 reported tornadoes in July alone last year. If you hear of a storm coming, consider going to safe location away from harm’s way.


Roof Iowa is committed to educating our customers and “Building your trust with EVERY ROOF”! We take our time with every customer to give them a trustworthy roofing experience.  This is why we are voted ANKENY’s BEST ROOFER and Des Moines Metro’s Best Roofer time and time again.