Roof Iowa is a 5-Star rated, locally and family owned company that is fully insured and licensed with the State of Iowa. We work hard at helping home owners and property managers gain an education and sense of trust when repairing or re-installing a roof. That’s why we are frequently recognized with awards (most recently, Ankeny’s Best) and our GAF certification to celebrate our achievements in roofing and remodeling. 

When you need to protect the most valuable investment you own, a healthy roof system that doesn’t leak makes all the difference in the world. That is why we want ALL our customers to be able to afford a roof in good repair – We offer low interest rate financing or flexible payment option financing! Whether you need asphalt shingles, slate, cedar, metal, flat, or tile roofing, Roof Iowa can do it all, at an honest price with the best rated materials on the market.

Whether you need asphalt shingles, slate, cedar, metal, flat, or tile roofing, Roof Iowa can do it all, at an honest price with the best rated materials on the market.






Who is GAF and why we primarily use their products?

GAF is North America’s largest manufacturer of residential materials. GAF’s standard line of lifetime shingles, Timberline HDZ, is the #1 selling line in America. Because of their high standards and reputation in the industry, GAF is able to offer the highest level of roofing certifications and warranties.

GAF offers three levels of upgraded, worry-free warranties when replacing your roof.


The Systems Plus Warranty is the most basic upgraded warranty that GAF offers. It also covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle 50 years non prorated, but it only has a 2 year Workmanship Coverage. Systems Plus covers tear-off costs, but it does not cover the cost of disposal or installation. It is also a one-time transferable warranty.

The Silver Pledge Warranty is the mid-level warranty that is offered by GAF. This covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle - also up to 50 years non prorated. The workmanship coverage for Silver Pledge is 10 years. This includes tear-off costs, as well as disposal costs. Don't forget to throw in that Good House Keeping protection. It is also a one-time transferable warranty.

The Golden Pledge Warranty is the most inclusive warranty available. It covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for an entire lifetime of the shingle - up to 50 year non prorated. That means that they cover the cost of materials at the time of the NEW install after price increases and inflation... not the original cost. Any repairs needed because of manufacturer defects or poor workmanship will be made by GAF Master Elite TM Roofing Contractor, ensuring that you will get the highest quality work possible. This warranty is also backed by Good Housekeeping protection. The Good Housekeeping seal is the foremost symbol of quality assurance, trust, and safety in America. Golden Pledge is a one-time transferable warranty.

Roof Iowa is eager to build a customized roof package to suit your home’s needs, based on the duration of the stay in your home, the features you would like to add to your project and your family’s budget! Please give us a call at 515.612.3889 to set up a time to discuss your roof replacement. 

 Roof Iowa has been voted Ankeny’s Best Roofer for the past 5 years! 

We are currently voted one of the top three Des Moines’ Best Roofers as well as one of Ames’ Best Roofers.


Roofing an entire condominium/townhouse community or multiplex apartments can prove to be a complicated challenge for most roofing companies. There can be limited site access, several stories of height, and each roof has its own specific issues to be addressed. Not only do we need to care for the roof itself on each structure, there are several to hundreds of homeowners or tenants to please.

At Roof Iowa, we have years dedicated to servicing large complexes. We are well versed in dealing with elected managing boards as well as a variety of owners all with concerns and needs that must be met during the re-roofing process.

Our project management is comprehensive in each step addressing each need, start to finish, from initial inspection, report, bidding process, financing, implementation of the scope of replacement and reconstruction by trained installers, keeping owners and tenants safe, quality control and inspection.

Some roofs don’t need a full replacement immediately, and Roof Iowa will assess the damage and restoration need. Immediate repairs can be made to stop emergency water penetration and schedule permanent repairs – regardless of the company that originally installed or the materials used.

Roof Iowa has maintenance contracts for Home Owner Associations and property management companies. Plans include full roof evaluations, a report breaking down of the current roofing conditions, recommended immediate repairs, remedial repairs, annual maintenance and a continual roof condition assessment. This report gives HOA’s and property management invaluable information to maintain the roof each year and know when and how much to budget for a new roof. We work with a wide variety of residential and commercial customers to provide customize maintenance plans to fit each individual customer.

Roof Iowa maintains a 5-star rating on several review sites by Building Iowa’s Trust One Roof at a Time. We are locally and family owned, fully insured and licensed with the state, servicing Ankeny, the Des Moines area and Central Iowa. Please call us today at 515.612.3889 or email on our contact page to learn more about replacing your Condo/Townhome or Apartment Complex roof system.