A View From the Top – Choosing a roofing contractor

A View From the Top – Choosing a roofing contractor

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What makes (common) sense for YOU.

Everything under the roof. That’s a lot. In fact, it’s everything you own! So who you choose to repair/replace a roof on your home or business is literally helping protect everything of value you have.

So as a “Roofologist,” I know consumers can be driven nuts trying to find a trusted roofing contractor. The bad news? My chosen field has its fair share of fly-by-night operators. The good news? There are plenty of reputable, professional roofing contractors.

So, where do you begin the search when looking for a roofing contractor? Some try an internet search. A recent Bing search for “Picking a roofing contractor” came back with 13,900,000 hits! Hey — it’s raining, the roof’s leaking — think you have THAT much time for research? NO!

picking a roof contractor


How many tips is enough?

One thing this search turned up is the easy (lazy?) trap a lot of writers fall into these days: assigning a number to their writing — the “how many things do you look for”  in finding a roofing contractor. Angie’s List says there’s “6 tips for choosing a roofing contractor.” InspectAPedia says it’s “5 Easy Steps to Getting a Good Roofing Job at a Fair Price.” Yet another source puts the number of steps at 9. How many is the right answer is less important than – how pertinent are the tips.

In the plethora of tips out there on the internet, you can boil down the important elements of finding a roofing contractor as:

  • Be sure they’re well-established in your area
  • Be sure they’re licensed, bonded and insured
  • Look up reviews/check references
  • Get a guarantee of their work in writing
  • Be sure your contractor is certified by the manufacturer of the product(s) they use (a warranty can be void if the roof is improperly installed)
  • Get an estimate in writing!


Which is the most important tip? That’s up to you.

Are you willing to roll the dice on a roofing contractor who’s not licensed, bonded and insured because they present a low bid? One slip on your property, and a “cheap roof” could cost you your house.


Perhaps the #1 tip for finding the right roofing contractor:

Find your comfort level.

You need to talk to your roofer. Yes! Talk — it’s a little old-fashioned. It’s not as easy as texting, but it’s more telling.

Does he hesitate with the tough questions? Or even the easy ones? Can he point you to completed jobs and/or client testimonials? Simply put – does he sound like he knows that he’s talking about?

A new roof system for your home or business – even a minor repair – can be a substantial investment. Talking to a few roofers will tell you what you need to know to establish a rapport.


Talking to Jon our Roofologist at Roof Iowa, will ally all of your fears while he answers all of your questions. 

We Roof, but we also do much more like windows, siding, remodels, carpentry and handyman work!  We service all of Iowa, primarily central Iowa and the Des Moines communities of Johnston, Ankeny, Bondurant, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, West Des Moines, Waukee, Grimes – give us call for your free inspection.  You won’t be disappointed with our quality and price! 

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What to Do when There is a Leak


Many homeowners and business owners don’t discover that their roof has a leak until a hard rain starts to fall, and we all know that Iowa gets a fair share of rain every year.

Many things can cause roof leaks. Some of these things are due to the wear and tear of Iowa weather on an ageing roof such as vents, flashing, shingle damage, rotting decking, ice damming. And sometimes (we hate it when this happens to customers), even if you have a newer roof, it can be caused by poor quality and improper installation.

When water is coming from the ceiling in your home or business in the Des Moines area, there are a couple immediate solutions to prevent further damage:

  1. Where the leak is dripping water, place a bucket or pan to catch the water.
  2. Sometimes if the leak is serious, you can choose to poke a SMALL hole in the ceiling to prevent collapse of the sheet rock or tile; this allows drainage into the bucket.  Use safety measures when performing this task with protective gear and help with your ladder.  As a note of disclaimer: This will be a hole in your ceiling, Roof Iowa is not liable for any advice, decisions, or activities of self-performed work on your home.

Call your five star rated professional roofer, Roof Iowa at (515) 612-3889 or contact us on our webpage at RoofIowa.com for a free inspection and inexpensive solution to the water coming into your property.

When the roof is dry we’ll climb up and do the dirty work for you. We’ll check the shingles and define the leak source.

Typically it is an easy and common fix that will prevent further damage until you are ready to invest in a complete roof replacement.

To repair the appearance of the ceiling after the roofing tasks are completed, use some spackle and paint.  We are also a roofer that can help with professional drywall and ceiling patching.


If you can’t perform all of these things on your own, or you don’t have the proper equipment as well as safety measures to do it, then call us at (515) 612-3889 for a free inspection of your exterior home, as we will help you get the job done faster and with better results!

We’re a Roofer, but we also do much more like windows, siding, remodels, carpentry and handyman work!  We service all of Iowa, primarily central Iowa and the Des Moines communities of Johnston, Ankeny, Bondurant, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, West Des Moines, Waukee, Grimes – give us call for your free inspection.  You won’t be disappointed with our quality and price!

Siding Replacement Options


One of the most important building materials when it comes to your home is definitely the siding, so you need to ensure that you get the best possible siding in order to have the highest quality experience. There are many siding replacement materials that you can opt for, and each one of them brings you a different set of benefits, so it’s all up to you to find the best one for you, based on your budget, green priorities, maintenance and durability. So, which are the best siding replacement options that you can find in the Des Moines Area?


Vinyl is by far one of the most popular siding replacement options that you can find in Des Moines because it’s durable, tough and it comes with a wide range of styles and colors. The best part about it however comes from the fact that color actually permeates the material, which makes it very hard to determine any scratches or nicks, which is really nice. Another main benefit of vinyl is that it brings a great resistance against the extreme temperatures as well as high winds and other similar issues. While it does include some items that make it toxic for the environment, vinyl is durable and a worthwhile siding replacement option.


Even if it’s costlier than the vinyl options, metal siding replacement is still a worthwhile option because it comes with a variety of colors and the installation is very fast. Moreover, since the enamel finishes are very durable, you won’t have to repaint often. In aluminum siding replacement you can find around 30% recycled content, which is important if you want to work with a material that has a good green factor.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement is basically created out of a mixture of wood fibers. Fiber cement is expensive sometimes, but it’s one of the most durable solutions in this list. At the same time, it resists the thermal contraction and expansion. You can also change colors if you want. The downside here is that the fiber cement materials are heavy, something that makes the installation a little hard. This isn’t a green product.


The wood siding replacement can be expensive or very low cost, it all depends on the finish you want. This is an easy to shape material and there aren’t that many labor costs associated with it. At the same time, a wooden siding replacement can last for a long period of time, not to mention that it also brings some great aesthetics too. Of course, you do need to paint it and maintain it often, which can add up to the costs. Thankfully, this is the greenest solution of out the whole list.

If you live in Central Iowa, you have a variety of siding replacement options to choose from.  It might be a good idea to have your roof and windows checked out at the same time if siding will be replaced. Call us at 515.612.3889 for a free inspection and estimate as well as to consult these benefits and downsides, then choose the best product, based on your requirements and budget, as this is the best way to acquire the siding replacement options for your home!