Spring Meltdown

Spring Meltdown

Spring is coming! 

…and so is the meltdown!


Our clocks have been moved forward, we are seeing a little bit more of daylight and the meltdown has begun. The melt is epic in areas like Iowa – where we have received a lot of winter precipitation and below freezing temps. Many homeowners are confronted with a range of issues from ice dams, roof leaks (and those roofs barely hanging on that needed replaced last fall), but they aren’t out of the woods yet, as more leaks and flooding could arise. April showers bring more flowers… and potential flooding and more roof issues.


If ice has not melted completely and still resides on the roof, more rain will add to that ice damming issue (more water + melting ice = more water).  The ice does not allow the rain to expel off the roof, causing it to back up under the shingles.


Homeowners who have experienced severe ice dams might need to file an insurance claim for repairs, but some insurance companies cannot send out an adjuster for awhile with the amount of claims this winter. Prior to calling your insurance company, Roof Iowa can have a technician inspect your home for free to see if that leak was caused by a vulnerable area in your roof or due to ice damming. We cannot tell you what damage an adjuster will pay for, so always check with your insurance provider because coverage and requirements vary. Even if you do not need to file a claim, a roof inspection and general maintenance are helpful to assess the longevity of your roof and keep your home dry.


Here are a couple signs that your roof could need a good inspection (We’ll go into detail on some of these in a post in a couple weeks with some Spring Cleaning Tips):

  • Absence of leak barrier in the eaves, rakes, valleys, dormers, and chimney –  This means areas are vulnerable for water damage
  • Granules in gutters or downspouts (although some granule loss is normal and part of the natural aging of a roof)
  • Curled shingles
  • No ridge vent
  • Moss on shingles
  • Water stains in attic and ceilings –  Or any noticeable leaking or interior damage
  • Interior doors not properly closing
  • Visible cracks in drywall or plaster around door frames
  • Rafters that are bent, bowed or cracked on a roof that is flat or slightly pitched
  • Broken gutter seams


We are here to educate homeowners and local businesses about the signs and dangers of faulty roofs after a long, harsh winter. This also goes for guiding real estate professionals when helping with home transactions.


It is always best to have your roof properly maintained to check for vulnerable spots and seal damaged areas before the winter, but it isn’t too late in the Spring.  Roof Iowa is always here to help!  We are voted Ankeny’s Best Roofer many years in a row as well as a Des Moines Metro Best Roofer.  We have been awarded as a Master Elite and Certified Green Contractor as well as an Angie’s List Super Service award winner. We thank you for your trust!

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