Roof Iowa is a Certified Green Contractor Award Winner

Roof Iowa is a Certified Green Contractor Award Winner

Certified Green roofing companies ARE the future.

OUR future.

Roof Iowa is one of them.

Roof Iowa was pleased to announce in 2017 that we earned the prestigious Certified Green Roofer designation from GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. The Certified Green Roofer is partnered through GAF with the US Green Building Council; We are recognized as a leading roofing company for our commitment to sustainable and earth friendly business practices. We are ONE of the TWO GAF Certified Green Roofers in the ENTIRE state of Iowa.

That’s Right! Only two in the state of Iowa. And we are one of them!




Did you know that 11 million tons of shingle waste is generated each year by roofing companies and most roofing companies allow this to sit in their local landfills?  That close to 36% of landfill waste is from construction materials? Your roof could be taking up 5 cubic yards of space, which is the equivalent of a more than one family’s yearly trash! Instead of your roof sitting in a landfill, Roof Iowa recycles close to 100% of the asphalt roofing shingles that are torn off our customers’ roofs.  These shingles are ground into particles for roadway pavement. So, how much road can your roof pave?  According to GAF, the average roof described above could pave 53 feet of road (made from 7,000 pounds of materials, or 3.5 tons)!


Recycling involves more effort, but Roof Iowa is committed to dividing shingles from other roofing debris – We report our recycling and tonnage through the GAF Certified Green RooferTM program.

How many shingles do we recycle? A LOT. From June 2017- June 2018, Roof Iowa recycled 512,000 pounds of shingles (256 TONS). That is 512,000 pounds of waste not in our dumps, and it is 512,000 pounds of asphalt recycled back into our roads.


The GAF Certified Green Roofer – Education and Training


As part of the accreditation process, Roof Iowa is participating in USGBC-approved training with GAF on the many important contributions the roofing system makes to a green home, including the advanced technology behind the cool roofing; and techniques for improving indoor air quality via proper attic ventilation.  GAF is working on creating solar energy panels to cover roofs for the future.

There are only a few ways to create an energy efficient and earth friendly home – a proper roofing system is one of them. A professionally installed asphalt shingle roofing system from Roof Iowa can increase your home’s durability, increase moisture control in Iowa’s climate, improve energy efficiency, support renewable energy, improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of ice dams via proper air ventilation.


Lifetime Designer and Energy Star Accredited Shingles – A Good Choice for a Long-Lasting and Aesthetic Roof


Roof Iowa has the education on the longevity of a roof system and how the different classes of shingles with their attributes can create a green roofing system.  The newer type of asphalt lifetime designer shingle is “green” itself (as 50-year roof outlasts a 10-year roof 5 times – reducing use of raw material and stockpiling of landfills by 5 five times).


GAF’s designer shingles, as well as ENERGY STAR qualified colors in their other series, are a good choice for investing in a lifetime-style roof that won’t have to go to the dump in 20-30 years. Add that with the fact that Roof Iowa has access to the BEST lifetime roofing warranties – you will save money and the environment by large.


We also have training on how lighter shingles such as GAF’s Cool Series can reflect the sun’s rays and keep energy costs down.  GAF’s Cool Series shingles are a smart way to keep your attic cooler and reduce your AC bills. Two of GAF’s Cool Series colors even provide LEED Credits, with a Solar Reflectance Index of 29 and a Thermal Emittance of 0.92! According to GAF, Cool Series roofs “may save an average of 7-15% on total cooling costs, depending on geography, structure, and climate.”

Invest in proper ventilation!


Did you also know that 9 out of every 10 homes have an attic with inadequate ventilation? That means moisture, decay, microbial growth, warping of roof decking and destruction of the roof structure itself.  That also means ice damming without proper insulation. A lot can go wrong when you have a random roofer replace the greatest asset that protects your home! Have your attic checked by Mid American Energy or a local insulation company to make sure that your insulation is appropriate for your home.


Roof Iowa has access to use all the proper materials and training to create a greener home – saving up to 20% on energy costs with the Cool Series Shingles and properly ventilated roofing system.

Roof Iowa is committed to changing our environment and “Building your trust with EVERY ROOF”! We take our time with every customer to give them a trustworthy roofing experience.  This is why we are voted ANKENY’s BEST ROOFER and Des Moines Metro’s Best Roofer time and time again.

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